Laptop Trek holders and mounts are available for your laptop. No need to find a place to put your laptop down.

Laptop Trek  Holders and Mounts

Mount your laptop anywhere. Use your laptop while standing, without needing a laptop stand or desk.

Laptop Holders available for these popular models

Laptop Trek holders and mounts allow you to get the job done without needing a place to set the laptop down.

Keep the laptop harness on with minimal interference with use of your laptop.

You can close the lid of your laptop with the harness on.

Laptop holders enable warehouse workers to be more efficient.

Laptop Trek Holder

The Laptop Trek cradle can detach in seconds from the harness.

Use your laptop trek holder if you are waiting somewhere, get some work done or just have fun.

We can design any type of custom laptop holder, mount or stand for your specific needs.

Most custom laptop holders and mounts are priced about the same as standard models.

Most Laptop Trek cradle holders are made from PVC and the harness is made from nylon with plastic swivel clips.

All laptop holders are painted flat black after assembled.

35 pound maximum rating for all laptop holders including accessories.

All laptop holders are made to last and are guaranteed for functionality for 1 year.

There are a few accessories attachments you can add to the laptop cradle.

The Laptop Trek harness straps can be customized with your company name or whatever you like printed. Customized strapping will take a few more days to deliver.

If you would like to assemble your own Laptop Trek holder, you can buy a kit and save a little money while customizing your attachments.

Laptop Trek holders can be used in many different applications, not just for laptops.

You can always use one to sell peanuts at the ball game. "Get your peanuts here" Just kidding, this quote was the first words from my friends mouth when he observed it!

Be creative and you may have a mobile desk or whatever suits your needs.

Please contact us if you would like us to make custom mounts, stands, holders for your laptop, tablet or anything you would like to have supported to keep your hands free.

Laptop Trek Holder Cradle

Laptop Trek Holder Cradle

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